Innish at the 'Bridge over the Atlantic' (built circa 1792) Innish, Atlantic Bridge, Seil Island, Argyll
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In this part of Argyll it is unusual not to see birds of prey on a regular basis, even above the cliffs opposite Innish. Whether you are a bird watcher or not, you cannot be anything but impressed by these beautiful creatures. There are Golden Eagles in the nearby glens and Owls at night. Buzzards just about everywhere, Kestrels are not uncommon and with an occasional glimpse of a Hen Harrier, or even occasional sightings of the White Tailed Sea Eagle for good measure, this area is ideal for bird and wildlife watching for the complete novice to the dedicated enthusiast. With the added attraction of Herons, Oyster Catchers, Curlews, Pewits and many more besides, there is something here for everyone.

The first sighting (I believe) of a Snowy Egret in the British Isles caused some excitement on the Isle of Seil when this lovely wee bird first arrived here in early November 2001, and reappeared again around Easter 2002 after wandering off for a while. It has been quite happy to carry on feeding around Teddies pond and Balvicar Bay while being photographed by birdwatchers, who were easily able to get within about 9 metres of it, as it seemed to have no real fear of humans.

This picture was kindly donated by Steven Michel

If you wish to see some excellent wildlife photography, mostly taken on Seil Island or within half an hours drive of Innish contact the main man; Uncle Albert Bill Jackson who is a rather accomplished wild life photographer, artist, woodturner, character, etc. etc etc

These Bottle Nosed Dolphins were photographed by Bill as they played off Seaview, about three miles down the island from Innish. Dolphin, porpoise, whales, basking sharks and seals, both common and grey, are often to be seen in the seas around Seil Island. Boat trips are available and you never know your luck as to whether you will spot all or any of these creatures..


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